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Set a professional image with a business card design that is unique yet convincing, start creating more business opportunities now. Business card (name card) designer @ K Design USA - United States New York NYC Chicago Los Angeles Houston. UK - London, Australia - Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Perth Adelaide. Singapore, Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur KL, Hong Kong HK, China - Shanghai Beijing.

Order, Business Card = $60 USD, Business Card + Logo Design (20% off) = $220 USD

Additional names, 1 name = $5 USD, 2 names = $10 USD, 3 names = $15 USD, 4 names = $20 USD, 5 names = $25 USD

Name - Title - Mobile – Email, John - Reporter - (555) 555 1234 -

Telephone, Facsimile, Website, Company name + registration no., Company address


Name First Last, Email, Country, Select payment currency - USD - US Dollar, MYR - Malaysia Ringgit, SGD - Singapore Dollar, HKD - Hong Kong Dollar, CNY - China Yuan, AUD - Australia Dollar, GBP - British Pound

Requirement, I like (color, fun/serious, modern/traditional), I dislike (loud/subtle, flower/techno, etc.)

Note : Copywriting / translation is not included, customer to provide all write-ups for content. If copywriting service is required, please request as part of your additional requirement.

If you are unsure which add-ons you need, just leave it empty and state your request on the requirement section. By clicking the “ORDER” button, you agreed and have read the Terms and Conditions (stated in the FAQ section) of this purchase from K Design + Advertising.

Professional business card design for a positive company image, all custom-made design without using template. Combine with logo for lowest rate now.