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Design Objective – more emphasis must be given to this subject when it comes to design, no matter the size of a campaign. Consideration should be given if a consumer merely "liked" a design or actually "bought" a design. Understanding these extremes can sometimes determine success or failure. For this reason, planners and designers should share a common goal. It truly is a matter of business survival.

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First, a little story...


John Doe had a great idea for a great product. He knew this will be the next big thing in the market once it hits the road. He needs to get this idea manufactured within his budget and expectation. Other factors contributing to the cost would include logistics, storage, packing, labeling, and so on. Eventually, everyone agrees with John that he does have a brilliant product to sell. Well not everyone, just his circle of friends. But he knew that a good marketing strategy and design will give his product the cutting edge it deserves. So he hired a team of experts who know exactly what needs to be done to get there. But there is one problem. How much would this campaign cost, and what are the returns?


Like John, the moment of truth has finally arrived. Who should I entrust this task of branding and communication to? How do I know if they are the right people? While there are no best answers to these questions one thing stood out, experience. Apart from cost, other qualities to look out for may include the types of expertise offered, team size as well as track record. The bigger the team the more likely the cost is higher. A portfolio is a good way to tell if the people you intend to hire has the right experience you need.


KDA is well-accustomed to demands in our area of expertise. We care about our clients and prefer to manage our relationship more like a friend perhaps. We work under the same guiding principle of producing works of good standard and value. Each member of our team brings along with them a good many years of industry experience. We know it is vital for us to help you stay ahead of the game and remain so. And we know by keeping up to date with current trends it will help us serve you better.

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